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Victoria Lawson

TheyWorkForYou helps you stay on top of what‘s happening in Parliament. The site makes it easy for you to follow the topics you’re interested in, allowing you to search by topic or keyword and see debates and statements around that topic.

Interested in what your own MP, MSP or MLA is up to? Just enter your postcode and you’ll instantly see what they’ve voted for or against, transcripts of debates they’ve spoken in, and even sign up to get alerts whenever they speak in Parliament.


  • Set an email alert or RSS feed, so your favourite searches can be delivered to your inbox as they happen
  • Enter your postcode to easily find your own representative
  • Send a message to your MP/MSP/MLA directly from the website


  • Before you begin, you need to select the parliament or assembly that you want to search (UK, Scottish, Northern Ireland or Welsh)