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Election leaflets are useful during election time, but they can also be useful for research. Whether there's an election happening, you're designing a leaflet, or even if you're doing some political research for a project/work, this database of election leaflets can be very helpful. 

It encourages people to photograph/scan and share any political leaflets they receive and at the time of publication they had 4375 uploaded since 1 January 2015 alone - not bad!


  • You can see loads of leaflets from around the country
  • You can see leaflets from previous years, so if you’re designing a leaflet you can see what worked and what didn’t
  • If you're doing political research you can access a database of thousands of election leaflets
  • Valuable resource for journalists, campaigners and investigations


  • Might not be useful to those who don't work in politics/media/design/etc outside of election times